Who’s Joe?

Genuine Joe Coffee Shop - Austin, TX

As an Austin neighborhood coffeehouse, we reflect one what makes us unique…Which is pretty much everything. I mean, where else can you cuddle with a rainbow unicorn while chillin’ on a comfy couch reading a book from our own personal library and sipping on some of the finest coffee in Austin? We say “NOWHERE!”

No matter how you label yourself, or even if you are beyond categorization, there’s a place for you here. Seriously. This was the Austin coffee shop before the Starbucks inspired knock off’s invaded our little corner of the Southwest. When you come to Genuine Joe Coffee Shop, you get to experience what made Austin awesome before half the world knew about it and then tried to change it. Leave your pretenses at the door. They are not welcomed here. An open mind is.

We’ll do our part to make you quality espresso beverages, the freshest of roasts, and a comfortable atmosphere. All you have to do is to relax, stay positive, be inspired, and above all be yourself!